Labour market policy and modelling

After thinking about blogging for some time I finally got to it. My primary interest in this blog is, as you can tell from the title of the web site, about labour market policy and modelling, either separately or taken together.

I will write about new developments in evaluation of labour market policy, I will write about matching and the workings of the labour market. I will comment on research papers from my unit or others. I will also write about employment services and for some time ahead probably about their relation to profiling and targeting. Profiling and targeting are interesting new methods for making labour market policies to work smoothly and to allocate resourses in a more efficient fashion. My focus primarily concern Swedish experiences, but, of course, an international outlook for learning and developing new ideas are just as interesting.

Now and then I will most certainly also write about modelling and simulation models, and then in the perspective of simulation on micro level. I have prior experience with building dynamic micro simulation models and also with agent based modelling (ABM). This kind of models have, to my knowledge, not been applied to labour market policies and employement services this far. I know of some international work on job search and matching and the relation between unemployment and vacancies. But I’m sure that there are a lot more to be modelled ande learned from such models.

For ABM I’ve been using Repast.NET until now but are currently looking into Repast Simphony, wondering whether I should leave C# for Java. I made the journey the other way two years ago, hmm, have not really decided yet.

So if you find these topics interesting please return regularly or why not make a comment.


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